Providence, RI, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Signati Medical™ is pleased to announce the issue of US patent 11,723,680 covering critical features of the bipolar handpiece used in Signati’s Sealed Vasectomy Procedure (SVP)™.

The handpiece patent and the vasectomy method patents expire in 2039. An additional method patent with expanded coverage is pending.

Signati’s patent portfolio also includes patents covering the current Sealed Vasectomy method (8,561,615, expiring November 5, 2027) and an alternate handpiece design (8,220,464, expiring March 12, 2031). Additionally, the jaw configuration of Signati’s handpiece and the two clamp configurations are covered by design patents D903867, D950055, and D886297 respectively, expiring in 2035 and 2037.

About Signati Medical
Signati™ Medical, Inc. is a medical device company that endeavors to take vasectomy to a new level of comfort, safety, and speed. A medical device company dedicated to advancing men’s health, Signati plans to launch the first innovation in vasectomy in more than 20 years with a procedure that would be fast for physicians and comfortable for patients. The Signati Sealed Vasectomy Procedure (SVP)™, designed to take just minutes, could be done right in the urologist’s office and would offer advantages for patients including easier recovery compared to some current vasectomy techniques. To learn more, visit

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