Signati Medical, Inc. Debuts Innovative Bipolar Radio Frequency Sealing Platform at American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting

Providence, RI, May 24, 2022 — Signati™ Medical, Inc. is pleased to announce the unveiling of their innovative Sealed Vasectomy Procedure at this year’s AUA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Notably, Signati’s™ technology was featured in a 7-minute abstract and scientific video presented by Dr. Ryan Griggs which was chosen as Best Video of AUA 2022 in the Sexual Dysfunction/Infertility/Andrology section.

The Signati™ Medical proprietary bipolar radio frequency sealing platform provides the ability to monitor impedance, eliminating procedural guesswork and creating effective trans-dermal sealing of the vas deferens. The result is an improved surgical outcome by minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue.

The response to Signati™ Medical’s platform was overwhelmingly positive. Clinicians were excited about the potential impact this product could have on the vasectomy procedure, especially given the lack of innovation in this area over the last twenty years.

About Signati™

Signati™ Medical is a medical device company that endeavors to take vasectomy to a new level of comfort, safety, and speed. A medical device company dedicated to advancing men’s health, Signati™ plans to launch the first innovation in vasectomy in more than 20 years with a procedure that would be fast for physicians and comfortable for patients. The Signati™ procedure, designed to take just minutes, could be done right in the urologist’s office and would offer advantages for patients including easier recovery compared to some current vasectomy techniques.
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